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teatro regio parma stagione 2021

It is at this point that the well behaved spectator, educated in the ways of the theatre and most especially by the ways of the Teatro Regio in Parma, turns to the clock above the stage architrave. It was Girolamo Magnani and Pier Luigi Montacchini, appointed responsible for the ornamental refurbishment in 1853 – when the former New Ducal Theatre had already assumed the name of Teatro Regio – who would elevate the clock to elegant protagonist at the summit of the stage: they surrounded the oval frame with a threaded frieze and placed it within a regal gilded wooden scroll (vaguely reminiscent of the Bourbon lily) with curlicues on four sides from which emerge laterally two flowering branches. Starting on February 28, Violanta will be on OperaVision. Summarizing: the wood is all original, the tapestry has been replaced. At the end of the show, staff are available to contact Radiotaxi on your behalf. Check location. Well, maybe yes, just like when you wake from a dream? Teatro al Parco. Veroni instead had re-adapted the old clock from the Ducale to use within the stage area: made of iron mounted on a lucid quadrant with numbers: he certainly remade many parts of the clock and changed the mechanism from vertical to horizontal. Show Map. The Teatro Regio di Parma expresses its gratitude towards all the spectators, for the solidarity and affection that they have been expressing during these weeks, as well as to all those who’ve demonstrated to the Theatre their closeness and generosity. It unequivocally identifies the purchase and is required to bring up the transaction and to reprint the purchase receipt. As far as the Theatre clock is concerned, and it is after all the subject of this paper, its history coincides from now on with the history of its maintenance and repair. We use cookies to help you in providing our services. 4) The reopening date of the Teatro Regio is not yet known. However, we cannot be sure that the names and dates scribbled on the walls are those of successful lovers. From 1824 to 1831 he had played the kettledrums in the orchestra of the Theatre in Reggio Emilia (but Veroni was from Parma). Opera House +39 0521 218910. biglietteria@teatroregioparma.it . Further behind are the Graces  and near the grove of trees the poets Pindar, Homer, Virgil, Ovid and Dante. Soprano # ChristianeKarg Mezzo-soprano # VetaPilipenko Tenor # FrancescoDemuro Bass # MichelePertusi # beethoven # sinfonia # innoallagioia La Toscanini Artisti del coro di Parma Parma Capitale Italiana … (for which both tickets and subscriptions are valid, limitedly to the rescheduled dates, and except in case of ticket or subscription refund). Get into the Press Area. The concert will be streamed and will feature Bocelli’s daughter Virginia as well as superstar mezzo Cecilia Bartoli and {…} Having returned to Parma in 1830 he was nominated Professor of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. Concert tickets for Kraftwerk at Teatro Regio di Parma. 26/10/2020 - 30/07/2021 The new season of the Teatro Regio is characterized by a great variety of aesthetic languages, which generates the encounter between the opera and theatre direction, respecting the tradition or in the pursuit of contemporaneity. He painted many works for the churches of Parma and the altarpiece for the Oratory of the Rossi in 1823 was rewarded with a Ducal subsidy which enabled him to go to Rome where, over the course of two years, he painted a number of sets for the Teatro Argentina. Parma Tourism; Parma Hotels; Parma Bed and Breakfast; Parma Vacation Rentals; Parma Vacation Packages; Flights to Parma; Parma Restaurants; Things to Do in Parma Soprano Christiane Karg - Sopran Mezzo-soprano # VetaPilipenko Tenor # FrancescoDemuro Bass # MichelePertusi. Hosted by BlogPlus.it, DeaShopping.com and 4 others. Tickets purchased cannot be refunded or replaced. Adresse. How to collect your ticket Alterations are not permitted. At her feet is the owl, sacred to the Goddess and to the right a nymph looks at the shield lying on the ground, symbol of peace. After working in the Teatro Regio in 1893 he worked with La Scala in Milan before transferring to Argentina where he created sets for all the State Theatres. At Teatro Regio di Parma, permitted television crews and photographers are allowed to make audio / video recordings and take photographs before, during and after the show. The well behaved and educated spectator knows how to read the astute combination of hours in Roman numerals and minutes in Arab numerals, the minutes which advance by fives and which together advise us of the passing of time discreetly, never obsessively. Behind can be seen the allegories of Abundance, Justice and Peace. Tickets for standing room in the upper circle will be not available for sale at Teatro Giuseppe Verdi di Busseto. Returning to the foyer, entrance to the main body of the theatre is through the door of honour: the stalls area, four orders of boxes and the gallery and the ceiling painted by Giovan Battista Borghesi with poets and dramatists painted in a circle around the great “astrolamp”. Season 2020 and Festival Verdi are realised thanks to contributions from: Premio Scrivere d’Opera “Elena Formica” – II edizione, La Stagione concertistica è realizzata da. Giuseppe Carmignani studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Parma with Gerolamo Magnani and Giuseppe Giacopelli. (for which, once refund deadlines are expired, no ticket nor subscriptions will be considered valid). R&B Albero Cavo Parma. Info. Fondazione Teatro Regio di Parma Strada Garibaldi, 16/a 43121 Parma – Italia Tel (+39) 0521 203911 fondazioneteatroregioparma@pec.it PI 02208060349 Right to cancel Again in 1889 we have news of repairs to the Roman numerals which had overheated from the back lighting system. STAGIONE 2020/2021. The right of cancellation does not apply to the purchase of tickets online, as established by the Decree of 22 May 1999, n. 185 “Implementation of Directive 97/7 / EC on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts”. 1/2. For subscribers, refunds will be issued in the form of vouchers of the amount of lost instalments (the part of subscription that hasn’t been enjoyed), for single tickets holders, through a voucher of the value of the ticket. How many tickets can be purchased in one transaction? 51,945 were here. Mon, 12/21/2020 - 12:00. Cancellation of purchase Having entered the theatre, we accede to the Foyer adorned with two rows of four columns and still visible on the floor the grills once used for heating the theatre. The enthusiasms, desires, loves, and disappointments of the most famous group of young people in the world of opera. Tickets are only valid for the date indicated and stated. Please send an email at biglietteria@teatroregioparma.it in case of online purchase or by showing the original ticket to the Box Office of Teatro Regio di Parma (Strada Giuseppe Garibaldi, 16/A 43121 Parma, tel. In image mode: click on the square which represents your desired seat on the map of the theatre. Il 12 gennaio, alle 20.30, il Teatro Regio di Parma inaugura la stagione 2021 con l’esecuzione della Nona Sinfonia di Beethoven. MUSIK & AUFFÜHRUNGEN 26/10/2020 - 30/07/2021 La nuova stagione del Teatro Regio è caratterizzata da una grande varietà di linguaggi estetici, che genera l’incontro dello spettacolo lirico con la regia teatrale, nel rispetto della tradizione o nella ricerca della contemporaneità. 88, Decree Law of 17.03.2020, n. 18 “Rimborso dei contratti di soggiorno e, dei contratti di acquisto di biglietti per spettacoli, musei e altri luoghi della cultura”), La Stagione concertistica è realizzata da, Rasputin, starring Sergei Polunin (May 22, 2020), Fiabe a sorpresa (March 21, April 18, May 23 2020). In fact, the clock in operation at the Regio Theatre has no hands just a well thought out system which displays one above the other the two providential numbers elegant and slim against a dark background, like something certainly not unforeseeable and incongruous in the city which welcomed Bodoni with open arms. Stagione 2021, Teatro Regio di Parma . Certainly a man of ingenuity. The new season of the Teatro Regio is characterized by a great variety of aesthetic languages, which generates the encounter between the opera and theatre direction, respecting the tradition or in the pursuit of contemporaneity. On the right is Maria Luigia painted as Minerva, enthroned with the symbols of her power, the plumed helmet, a cloak and the staff of power. It is a small room but, not to put too fi ne a point on it, it also has a reputation as a love bower from the contemporary legend that Maria Luigia is said to have decreed that whoever managed to being a girl up here to be kissed would have her fall in love for ever. The acoustic chamber painted by Giuseppe Carmignani, another rare survivor from past times, repeats the decoration of the boxes and consists of wood framed canvas panels, which can be opened and closed telescopically to function with orchestras of different sizes and formations. A straight and flat pathway leads you from the entrance of the theatre to your seat, in row P, where spaces have been designed for two wheelchairs and two carers. Kit foto anticipazioni Stagione 2020-2021. How can I collect the ticket? Online payments can only be made using credit cards enabled with a 3D secure code. Time found again, essay by Giuseppe Martini on the occasion of the restoration of the ancient watch by Paolo Valenti. Originally called the New Ducal Theatre, the Teatro Regio in Parma was built at the behest of the Duchess Maria Luigia of Habsburg-Lorraine, wife of Napoleon, who was sent to govern the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla following the Congress of Vienna. We accept requests for reservations for organized groups by e-mail. Leggi di più. Only a dismembered piece of the ruined mechanism now remains. Very good 8.4. Through a system of ropes, the result of the forces in play allow the metal hand to retract every fi ve minutes, so that it separates from the fork and free itself from the pivot allowing the ring to move anticlockwise only to be blocked again at the next pivot so that the wheel stops at the new hour number. In this way, the numbers cut into the black ring3 are blocked only by the strip of paper, which means that the light placed at the centre of the lower ring can be modulated behind the number. In the centre of the scene straining to be released by the muses is Pegasus, the winged horse born from the blood of Medusa, who with a mighty kick released wisdom and poetry from the rock; it is as though Pegasus is advancing towards the spectators bearing anew his gift to humanity. Images collected may be disseminated through the press, internet or television stations (informative article 13 of Law 196/03 single text on privacy for the public). Find out how by writing to amministrazione@teatroregioparma.it until 1 December 2020. They are currently playing 1 show in Parma and 10 shows worldwide, so browse their concert calendar to find alternative shows. The deadline for the refunds is due on Saturday, October 31 2020. Andrea Bocelli will perform his “Believe in Christmas” at the Teatro Regio di Parma. In recompense, the following year he was put on the books as a hopeful to play the kettle drums in the Ducal Orchestra of Parma where he stayed until 1856 distinguishing himself for the invention of a method to tune the drums using only one screw. strada Giuseppe Garibaldi 16/a, 43121 Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Leggi di più. On the day of performance at the Teatro Giuseppe Verdi di Busseto Box Office, audience members can only collect and/or purchase tickets for performances exclusively related to that date. At the Teatro Regio di Parma, Box seating prices are differentiated according to visibility (unless otherwise indicated). Pocket technology advanced and the elegantly outlined numbers appeared as little more than a dusty relic from a world no longer operative, an instrument which could easily be done without. For tickets purchased online under specific promotional terms, the relative documentation must be shown at the time of collection. (for which, once refund deadlines are expired, nor ticket nor subscriptions will be valid). 11am – 1pm │ 5pm – 7pm and an hour before the show. . For any information, the Teatro Regio Box Office, which is currently closed to the public and accessible only by email at the address biglietteria@teatroregioparma.it remains available. In 1839 Veroni cashed in 70 lire, though he had asked for 80, for repairing and putting this clock inside the stage area but was turned down as official keeper of the clocks in the Theatre. Via Garibaldi, 16/A 43121 Parma 1) The ticket or subscription currently in possession (except for rescheduled shows) will no longer be valid after the deadline for requesting a refund by voucher has expired; 2) Once a voucher is requested and received, it must always be switched, within one year of its issue, into a season ticket or ticket for a show organized by the Teatro Regio di Parma (the voucher alone does not allow access to any of the shows). Tickets for standing room in the upper circle at Teatro Regio will be available for sale (for a maximum of two per person), once all the seats have been sold, an hour and a half before the start of individual performances. Scopri il Regio. In case of a show on closing days, one hour before the show. Zugehörige Hallen . History. The former site of that Theatre is now the central Post Office. Recent history from the turn of the century tells us of a “tired” mechanism which led to collapse and subsequent blocking of the system for a number of years; sad years in which it seemed that the time communicated by the Theatre, from the body of the Theatre itself no longer covered the practical and emotional role for the spectator. The KeyClient payment system ensures online purchases are simple and guaranteed in terms of security and privacy. However, there is a lack of clarity in the XIX century documents where the generic expression “stage clock” is cited in the payments to Veroni for maintenance of the clock within the stage area and the main one above the architrave of the stage itself. A time out of time which is measured from the suspended time on the stage, bounded by arias and choruses, by brandished swords and curses, to a fragment of existence bounded by the time of everyday life, which outside must be placed against bus timetables and the lowering of the curtain. 3) All spectators are invited to keep their entrance ticket until the voucher is delivered, to complete the refund procedure, in compliance with the current tax legislation. Without explicit documentation, a surname and a year incised on the framework have led us to the author of this ingenious project: Antonio Barozzi, surveyor and clockmaker born in Sissa in 1799, died in Parma in 1870, who perfected the clock already in 1828 a few months before the inauguration of the Theatre in May 1829 and who, on the 7th of May that same year was appointed official clock keeper to the Theatre with an annual recompense of 129 lire for doing what was laid down in article 151 of the Theatre rules and that is “the duty of putting up the stage clock every evening that the Theatre is in use, lighting the prescribed system of illumination and putting it up without lights when the Theatre is used for rehearsals”. Teatro Regio di Parma - Parma. How can I purchase tickets? Giovan Battista Borghesi (Parma 1790 – 1846) studied in Parma at the school of Biagio Martini. The new program of appointments of the XX Verdi Festival “Scintille d’Opera” will be announced on Monday 8 June 2020. Il Teatro Regio inaugura la stagione 2021 sotto il segno della fratellanza e della speranza con la nona sinfonia di Ludwig Van Beethoven. This then was the fact: a similar yet less elegant and less ingenious clock told the time for those working behind the scenes whereas the clock above the stage placidly communicated with the public. Our guide took another couple and me inside the theater and started explaining its history and features. 2020-2021 Season preview. Painted by Giuseppe Carmignani (1871-1943) the chamber is made up of differently shaped and sized panels for a total surface of 320 sq.m. Under such circumstances, to continue using your seat, the holder must present a self-certified declaration of the theft or loss to the Teatro Regio. To purchase tickets you need to click on “Acquista” and follow the instructions. Closed on Mondays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Fondazione Teatro Regio di Parma Pagina ufficiale It would also be good to think that the stage clock is yet another way in which the Theatre has specialized, as though to say that everything about the Theatre itself is directed at assisting and cocooning the spectator providing him with every single piece of information useful to ensure that his attention does not wander from what is happening on stage or, at the very least, in the red velvet theatre stalls. TEATRO REGIO TORINO. Audience members are required to switch off mobile phones and watch alarms. ticket. Leggi di più . During the fi nal agony of the hero, better still the heroine – a Violetta, a Manon a Mimì – no, not there because we all know that there the die is cast. In text mode: choose the category, sector, row, and seat desired from the list. from Monday to Friday It is not difficult, however, to imagine that in a continuation of the elegant style of that design it would have been a sobre variation on the sequence of swirls and palm leaves which decorated the upper frieze under the ceiling vault. To use these places, requests must be made in advance through the Theatre Box Office. Torino (TO) 01-11-2020 / 30-07-2021. Hide Map. 199 Via la Spezia, Parma, 43126, Italy. At the Teatro Giuseppe Verdi di Busseto, seating within the Boxes is not numbered. – Online Ticket Office Dramma lirico in tre atti e cinque quadri su libretto di Giuseppe Adami e Renato Simoni dalla fiaba teatrale omonima di Carlo Gozzi. From the Theatre can be seen the small “jump” that the minute number makes as it stops; this is the rebound of the metal arm against the wheel cog. In the Church of San Francesco del Prato the places of the second sector do not allow full visibility of the stage. In about 1815 he painted Homer explaining the Iliad and various rooms in the Ducal Palace of Colorno. A metal hand hooks on to a fork hanging from the top and rests on the cogs of the upper wheel. Rescheduling of shows on the next Season proceeds relentlessly (please check the list of shows that have already been rescheduled). 5 were here. All Opera, Concert, ParmaDanza 2020 subscribers are entitled to participate to the Season 2021 pre-emption sales programme, whose methods will be disclosed officially during in the next months, in compliance with any new regulation and to all the restrictions imposed by the authorities in matter of public gathering. Get Directions. Box Office of the Teatro Regio di Parma Audience members must remain in possession of their ticket, or season ticket card, and present it upon request to theatre staff, who may also ask for further documentation pertaining to discounts.

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