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More fruity scents come at you with juniper berry. Fresh and elegant. This is "royally offensive." The Duchess of Sussex shared a statement on Saturday in memory of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on Friday at age 87 due to complications with metastatic pancreatic cancer. 7. Soo this opens with a citrus fresh blast, but has a very vintage soapy feel to it.. not sure if that's the inclusion of the mint. Spring/summer for mature men 40 and up IMO. It's funny how I bought it 'cause I smelled the top notes on paper, the fresh citrus and liked it back then and now, 10 years later, with a change in taste, the notes that comes off on my skin happens to be the very ones that I like today, 10 years later. It is winter 60F in California, I can only imagine how great this will smell in 90F heat. I must say I'm glad I didn't try it on my skin within these 10 years that have passed, 'cause I wouldn't have liked it back then. If you like Baccarat Rouge but the sweet almond note bugs you, this is definitely something you'll want to check out. Materassi Italiani Royal Memory, dal 1978 on Facebook Watch Perhaps the classiest of the Creeds, this one is understated, refined and relaxed. Also there's something uncomplicated and has a masculine simplicity about it. Just call it a good take on a Summer citrus scent for men over 25 (although someone younger could pull it off). But stronger and with more body. I am very pleased with the zing this has right from the start and the basil is just right, not too obvious. First of all this one Is more in feminine side but can be unisex , citrusy opening , powdery base . Before I state this review, let me point out that i am someone who favors ( of the Creed Line ) Green Irish Tweed as one of the best so far. The aldehydes give it a freshness and something almost like Florida Water. honest opinion folks, not just being oppositional for the sake of being oppositional. I'm surprised there's not some ridiculous 'ye olde' Creed tale to go with this perfume (maybe there is?) I have always loved very clean, uncomplicated citrus scents but it seems, in Australia at least, they have been out of style. That’s the scenic route for saying it’s unisex. One is citrus/peppermint, other one is with prominent flowery notes. The mint and basil are next; the mint is cooling green, and slightly spicy; the basil is herbal, spicy, and green. What to Watch Now That You've Finished Bridgerton, Say Au Revoir to 2020 and Shop Cute 2021 Planners, The Most Delicious Mocktail Recipes to Try, Prince Louis Wore George's Hand-Me-Down Jacket, Louis' Childhood Has Been Different Than His Sibs', This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. to try late evening. The citrus accord richness from the opening is indeed invigorating. This invigorating celebration of the spirit opens with a fresh citrus infusion with peppermint, followed by juniper berry and basil. The citrus notes are very prominent opening notes, a mix of bergamot, lemon, and lime. Vicenza 153541 M. – VI 022603. Like some kind of time machine. Simon Templar (Do you know who is he?) Fresh, clean and quite harsh, Royal Water is very reminiscent of a strong laundry detergent or cleaning chemical. The difference in test results is about an order of magnitude. 327 - 77 95 500 Email: royalgomme@hotmail.com Royal Gomme Via Cruillas 97A / 99 , Palermo - 90145 Vendita online a prezzi bassi di pneumatici My craving for the fresh fruit openings led me to pick up Royal Water, and I received a smaller 2.5 mil bottle but it was 1/3 the cost of Aventus. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Creed. Musk and ambergris form the base. Cruise to unforgettable destinations with Royal Caribbean. Slow Fit Foam provides superior comfort by molding itself to fit the shape of the body's contact points, creating a more uniform pressure distribution while maintaining effective support. Vat Number: 01577350240. WOW! It has also been discontinued so I would recommand to look at the current Creed frangrances that should be more interesting. This is my new favourite. Buy Wooden Printing Stamps from Royal Kraft with confidence as we are serving our clients at Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Alibaba, Indiamart, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues & many other 20 popular online retail and wholesale portals for last 9 years! Im not sure why this doesn't get much love in the community but I think its awesome. Highly recommend. In my opinion it's more masculine-leaning and the ambergris drydown is simply gorgeous. Fresh dignity and elegance. Very nice smooth citrus opening. The most valuable item of British royal memorabilia sold for almost £8m, however, the high price tag might not have been entirely down to its royal connections. But this reminds me of a high grade version of paramibebe baby colonia! oh, my word! Il tuo periodo di prova e la garanzia continueranno ad essere validi. Open your new Creed box and take out the bottle. Unfortunately, after such a crisp and invigorating opening of citrus and herbs (mainly juniper and basil), this gets really soapy on my skin. :) Sample before you buy. I quite like this one. Can readily be worn by men or women. 2015 Selle Royal S.p.a. - Single shareholder company, via Vittorio Emanuele 119 – 36050 Pozzoleone (VI) – Italy. The outfit I imagine that fits this fragrance is boyfriend jeans and a button up top;or a boda skins leather jacket with it.The first strong scent for the first spritz is a sharp citrus smell.Then it turns into a basil and citrus scent.The perfume lasted about 3 hours on me but sits very close to the skin.It's a like but not a love.I don't feel it's worth the price though but it does smell nice.Definitely a unisex fragrance as well. Personally I think the juniper berries shine through most. This also reminds me why I ventured into niche perfumes. So fresh,clean,uncomplicated,natural,soft and it's perfect for daily use. This scent just screams DADDY. Once that dissipates, the milkiness of the florals becomes more apparent, and gives it a slight "expensive guest soap" vibe, which is unexpected and nice, though it definitely causes the fragrance to turn suddenly from fairly masculine to much more feminine. a classy, classy fragrance by creed. I think Royal water requires more sprays or reapply. - Fiscal code: 00231010281 - Chamber of Commerce R.E.A. - Fiscal code: 00231010281 - Chamber of Commerce R.E.A. I'm thinking about purchasing a decant of this, along with Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte. I'm usually not one to yell about reformulations, but the clear bottle version I own seems to have far different notes from what's listed. Because I visit the boutique so frequently, the friendly sales woman precisely knows my preferences for exclusive scents that Creed offers. The opening is very fresh, sour, sharp, bright, summery, pleasant but not the most unique. This is the perfect scent for a summer/spring day! Upon application, it starts of with a sort of soapy citrus, with accents of juniper berry (comes off a tad piney). Woopee! Royal Water is aromatic, and there's something of a bitter/sweet contrast at play in it as well, as the Juniper berries provide a gin-like kick. Overall, I like it, and think it should give Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo and Chanel Pour Monsieur a run for their money over the next few months. I typically wear florientals but my heart has been singing with glee for more clear and herbal concoctions (hence why I'm sampling my boyfriends’ stash lately). Royal Water is an extremely beautiful skin scent that lasts only 4 hours on my skin. The drydown is soft and slightly powdery. She kindly gave us a vial (what a privilege!) Royal Water is a beautiful fragrance, exquisitely blended, and is one of those that really grows on you with time. As in the scent not the concentration. Smells like retired US Navy fighter pilot. I have heard around that this was made in memory of Princess Diana (inspired by her, or as an homage to her "style"). With Royal Water there is a similar delicious crispness to the top layer. This is the Ohh My GOD!!! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recognized Remembrance Sunday in their own way on Nov. 8. I think this is the #1 citrus fragrance in the world. When I was younger, I was 10,000% convinced that I was destined to become a real-life princess. Great overall. But this one smells absolutely royal. This is an elegant and classy fragrance. This thing sure radiates all its beauty the more you're in the heat and for a freshie it performs exceptionally well. Top notes are Citruses and Mint; middle notes are Juniper Berries and Basil; base notes are Musk and Ambergris. First thing that came to mind was clive christian 1872. Surprisingly, this is Creeds best performing freshie on me. But for wearability, this would be 1st. I've reevaluated Royal Water, because my initial wearing was from a bottle at a disreputable brick and mortar that is known for unintentionally peddling fake Creeds, and indeed I think that bottle was a fake, because this sample from The Perfumed Court smells much different. It is THE MOST UNDERRATED fragrance from the house of Creed!!!!!! Even if you like this "regal" vibe that make you feel royal, this Creed fragrance will appears dated and innapropriate for an everyday scent. This is masterfully blended with the verdant peppermint and basil notes lending an herbaceous accord. but it could perhaps evoke one? One of my top 3 Creed fragrances. A beautiful fragrance designed in memory of HRH Princess Diana of Wales in 1996. Oh what a wonderful olfactory experience. I'm wearing this right now (bought a sample sprayer). It's like a upgraded version of these eighty's successes, but oddly enough, this one is a ninety's fragrance, so...nothing to write home about here. Juniper berry offers a slight gin-like quality and spiciness. An exquisite skin scent. This year's broadcast, which will come amid the coronavirus pandemic, is expected to exemplify the unifying spirit of the Queen's national addresses. Not a bad boy type of perfume, but a real gentleman who is goodhearted and very very easygoing, honest person. If only performance was really good, Creed could have captured the market with all its scents. Marie Claire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Not all that "royal" (read: rich or opulent), really; and not all that "watery" nor aquatic. Creed ROYAL WATER is a veritable savory gourmand, what with the juniper berries, basil, citrus, and mint! Beauty Almanac |. This is a distinct fragrance, and I knew someone that wore this all the time and was easily identifiable, that counts for something in perfumery in my opinion, just like a good song has a recognizable melody.

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